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Many of our customers are moving from in-house email and file sharing services to those provided by either Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite. Give us a call to discuss the various plans and services provided by each, and how we can seamlessly migrate your organization to the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite
The leaders in hosted email and business applications, Microsoft and Google offer a series of different options based on your organization's size and needs. We can help you make the best choice based on price and your objectives.

Cloud File Sharing
Both Microsoft and Google include file sharing applications (OneDrive, Google Drive) as a part of any subscription. This feature allows your staff members to access and share files anytime, from any location.

For information, please contact us at (915) 875-0000 to your cloud services needs.

Cloud Server Virtualization
This website is run on an inexpensive, cloud based Amazon EC2 server.

You can have your own virtual server up and running in the (Microsoft, Amazon, or Google) cloud in a matter of minutes. Cloud servers are great when you need a server periodically or "on demand". There are no long term comittments, and when you're done with the server, you can turn it off, or remove it completely.
If you have questions about any of the services we provide, please contact us.